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Workshop "Correlations, Fluctuations and Disorder"

Joint event of GDR MesoImage and PEPS-PTI "Quantum gases and condensed matter"

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The workshop "Correlations, fluctuations and disorder" took place in Grenoble on December 13-15, 2010. It was organized jointly by the
GDR MesoImage and PEPS-PTI "Quantum gases and condensed matter".

The workshop was devoted to spatial and temporal correlations in various physical systems, from seismic waves in the Earth crust to the quantum fluctuations in low-dimensional degenerate quantum fluids, as well as to the physics of disordered systems and Anderson localization in a wider sense. Special sessions were organized on the topics of imaging in random media and correlations in low-dimensional systems. The workshop included contributions from experts in condensed matter physics, wave propagation (optics, acoustics, etc.), mathematical and atomic physics.


Anna Minguzzi and Sergey Skipetrov

General information

The workshop took place in the main auditorium of the CNRS (tower A,
first floor) at the Polygone Scientifique, 10 min from the railway station
of Grenoble, well connected by buses number 34 (in front of the station)
and 30 (on the back of the station), "Place de la Resistance" stop.

The participants arrived on Sunday 12/12 in the evening or on Monday 13/12 early in the morning and left on Wednesday 15/12 in the evening or on Thursday 16/12 in the morning. The workshop started at 10:00 on Monday 13/12 in the morning and lasted for full 3 days, until 17:00 on Wednesday 15/12.


The program of the workshop can be downloaded here.

List of participants - 42.3 ko

Final program - 243.5 ko

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