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Waves & disorder at JMC 13 in Montpellier

In the framework of the 13th Days of Condensed Matter (13èmes Journées de la Matière Condensée, JMC13) that will take place in Montpellier from 27 to 31 August 2012, the GDR MésoImage and the GDR Ondes are co-organizing two mini-colloquia devoted to various aspects of wave propagation and scattering in disordered media :

- MC19 "Wave imaging and monitoring in complex media" ("Ondes en milieu complexe") organized by Eric Larose and Julien de Rosny

- MC20 "Wave propagation in disordered media" ("Ondes et désordre") organized by Sergey Skipetrov and Rémi Carminati

The first mini-colloquium (MC19) will be mostly devoted to applications of waves for imaging in complex (including disordered) media, whereas the second mini-colloquium (MC20) will mainly focus on fundamental aspects. In addition, a joint MC19-MC20 session will be organized to respond to the large number of submissions that we received.

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Preliminary program of MC19 - Tuesday, August 28, 2012

13:30 Ludovic MARGERIN (invited) - "Imaging and monitoring with seismic coda waves"
14:00 Dimitri KOMATITSCH - "Spectral-element numerical modeling for acoustic and elastic wave propagation"
14:15 Anne OBERMANN - "Depth sensitivity of coda waves to velocity perturbations of an elastic heterogeneous medium"
14:30 Thomas PLANES - "Locating small changes in the multiple scattering regime"
14:45 Alexandre AUBRY - "Separation of single, recurrent and multiple scattering in complex media : Applications to ultrasound imaging and characterization"
15:00 Matthieu DAVY - "Focusing through random media : eigenchannel participation number and intensity correlation"
15:15 Xiaoping JIA (invited) - "Multiple scattering of sound waves in granular media"
15:45 Guillaume HUILLARD - "Propagation du son dans des empilements granulaires : Visualisation par photoélasticité"

Posters MC19

- Philip COOK
"Comparative analysis of biogeochemical tracer signals in stratified carbonate systems studied using synchrotron radiation and isotopic mass spectrometry"

Preliminary program of MC20 - Wednesday, August 29, 2012

13:30 Arnaud TOURIN (invited) -
"Using disorder for controlling waves in space and time"
14:00 Didier FELBACQ (invited) - "Wave propagation in resonant metamaterials"
14:30 Nicolas CHERRORET (invited) - "Back and forward scattering of ultracold matter waves"
14:45 Guillaume LABEYRIE - "Quasi-2D transport of a Bose-Einstein condensate in a disordered optical potential"
15:00 Matthieu BELLEC - "Microwave transport in (dis)ordered graphene-like structures"
15:15 Laura COBUS - "Investigation of Anderson localization of ultrasonic waves using transmission and backscattering measurements"
15:30 Clayton LAPOINTE - "Localization in disordered quasi-1D waveguides at terahertz frequencies"
15:45 Nicolas BACHELARD - "Active control of a random laser"

Posters MC20

"Weak localization with nonlinear bosonic matter waves"
- Myriam ZERRAD
"Cohérence et polarisation de la lumière diffuse : le rôle des coefficients croisés de diffusion"
"Competition between superconductivity and charge density wave in the quasi-1D TTF[Ni(dmit)2]2"
"Euclidean random matrices for waves in random media"
"Optical waves on disordered metallic films : A quantitative study of confinement and losses"

Preliminary program of the joint session MC19-MC20 - Thursday, August 30, 2012

13:30 John PAGE - "Transverse confinement of ultrasonic waves near the Anderson transitions in three-dimensional “mesoglasses”"
14:00 William HILDEBRAND - "Infinite-range intensity correlations near Anderson localization transitions in a 3D mesoglass"
14:15 Christophe GOMEZ - "Wave propagation in heterogeneous media with long-range correlations"
14:30 Myriam ZERRAD - "Ordre et désordre de la polarisation de la lumière diffusée par des milieux totalement dépolarisants"
14:45 Vincent ROSSETTO - "Polarization transport in heterogeneous media"
15:00 Wilfried GLASTRE - "Synthetic aperture laser optical feedback imaging using a translational scanning"
15:15 Fabrice DEVAUX - "Imagerie en temps réel à travers un milieu biologique en mouvement par conjugaison de phase"
15:30 Vincent ROSSETTO - "Differential imaging in heterogeneous media"
15:45 Alexandre AUBRY - "Exploiting the time-reversal operator for adaptive optics, selective focusing and scattering pattern analysis"

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