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Workshop "Wave Chaos from the Micro- to the Macroscale"

The workshop will take in Dresden (Germany) on October 22 - 26, 2012.

Complex wave phenomena began to attract physicists’ interest centuries ago with the work of Chladni. In many different fields involving literally all kinds of waves there are such complex phenomena that are now being interpreted from a modern dynamical systems perspective. That immediately raises the question of the influence of chaotic dynamics. In its classical sense, chaos accompanies our everyday life and manifests itself in complicated planetary and lunar motions, dripping water faucets, fluid dynamics, traffic dynamics, arrhythmia in heart beats, aspects of pattern formation, the weather forecast, and in many other realms. The common feature is sensitivity to initial conditions and the underlying nonlinear dynamics, but these concepts do not directly translate into the analysis of wave fields. The aim of this workshop is to discuss underlying chaos in wave systems by bringing together experts from the fields of photonic, electronic, acoustic, seismic, and other waves, including both theorists and experimentalists. How does wave/quantum chaos appear in systems of all size scales ranging from semiconductor nanostructures such as quantum dots and optical microlasers through table-size microwave billiards to ocean acoustic, seismic, or weather dynamics that span thousands of kilometers ? What are the common features and differences that emerge from considering the various system classes in parallel ? What are the most pressing open questions today ? This will be the focus of our workshop, which will be organized to provide ample discussion time to foster the exchange of ideas between colleagues, old and young, from the various and widely separated fields.

Applications for participation can be submitted from the workshop webpage. The deadline for applications is July 22, 2012.

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