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Workshop "Recent developments in wave propagation and imaging in complex media"

November 7-9, 2012 - Institut Henri Poincaré, Paris

This workshop, devoted to recent developments in the fields covered by the GDR MésoImage, marked the end of its first 4-year term. Its main purpose was to discuss the new results obtained by the GDR members and their foreign colleagues during the last 4 years. The main attention was paid to topics that are at the heart of GDR : imaging and non-invasive probes of random media, mesoscopic physics of waves, Anderson localization, and the impact of nonlinearity on wave propagation in complex media. At the same time, we highlighted new, emergent research directions that did not exist or were at a very early stage of development 4 years ago, when the GDR was created : wave-front control for optical imaging through opaque, multiple-scattering media, quantum optics in the presence of disorder, possible uses of random media in solar energy applications, cloaking in seismology, diffusing wave spectroscopy with seismic waves, etc.

The workshop started on Wednesday, November 7, at 9:00 and ended on Friday, November 9, at 16:15. A poster session was organized on Thursday afternoon. We offered lunches to all workshop participants and organized a social dinner on Thursday evening (November 8). Participation in the workshop was free of charge.

List of speakers :

- Christof Aegerter (Zurich)
Time resolved spatial width of photons in samples showing Anderson localization
- Habib Ammari (Paris)
Mathematical approaches to cloaking
- Denis Basko (Grenoble)
Chaos and transport in disordered classical nonlinear chains
- Jacopo Bertolotti (Twente)
Non-invasive imaging through opaque scattering layers
- Eric Bonnetier (Grenoble)
Enhancement of electromagnetic fields caused by subwavelength rectangular cavities
- Rémi Carminati (Paris)
Spatial squeezing of plasmonic modes on disordered metallic films
- Dominique Delande (Paris)
Anderson localization and enhanced backscattering in correlated potentials
- Arthur Goetschy (Yale)
Enhancement of absorption and partial control of information in scattering media
- Sebastien Guenneau (Marseille)
Invisibility : from optics to seismic waves
- Ori Katz (Paris)
Controlling light in complex media in space and time : Looking around corners and through turbid layers
- Eric Larose (Grenoble)
Monitoring and locating with diffuse waves : from seismic waves to ultrasound (and vice versa)
- François Lignieres (Toulouse)
Seismology and wave chaos in rapidly rotating stars
- Peter Lodahl (Copenhagen)
Quantum optics in random media
- Christian Miniatura (Nice & Singapore)
Twin Peaks : momentum-space dynamics of ultracold matter waves in
random potentials

- Fabrice Mortessagne (Nice)
Microwave emulation of strained graphene
- Cord Müller (Singapore)
Momentum isotropisation in random potentials
- Pepijn Pinkse (Twente)
Quantum-secure authentication with a random-scattering medium
- Laurent Sanchez-Palencia (Palaiseau)
Many-body Anderson localization in disordered Bose gases
- Frank Scheffold (Fribourg)
Fabrication of three-dimensional disordered photonic materials derived from
hyperuniform point patterns
- Costanza Toninelli (Florence)
Organic molecules in quasi-ordered photonic structures : ingredients for a random quantum network
- Diederik Wiersma (Florence)
Trapping the light fantastic
- Alexey Yamilov (Missouri Univ. S&T)
Regimes of wave transport in absorbing random media

You can download the program of the workshop here.

Workshop program - 308.4 ko

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