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Workshop "Waves in complex media"

The GDR MésoImage organized a workshop "Waves in complex media" in Grenoble from 11 to 13 December 2013.

Waves are all around us and we know that in many situations, "all waves behave in a similar way" (citation from L. Brillouin). This includes such phenomena as interference, diffraction, or scattering that can be observed with light, sound, seismic and matter waves. The universality of wave phenomena can be even stronger in complex environments where new phenomena emerge due to scattering from disorder, underlying symmetries of the system, or nonlinearity or the medium response. But it can also be lost because of peculiarities of a particular wave equation that turns out to be crucial in a specific complex environment. Our research group (groupement de recherche, GDR) MesoImage is aimed at the study of universal and nonuniversal aspects of wave propagation in complex environments with focus on applications for imaging and, more generally, noninvasive probing of complex media. In this spirit, the announced workshop will continue the tradition of interdisciplinary meeting that GDR organizes with participation of physicists (theoreticians and experimentalists), mathematicians, and geophysicists.

The workshop started on Wednesday, December 11, 2013 in the morning (the first talk will be scheduled at 10:30) and ended on Friday, December 13, 2013 (around 16:30). The program included talks covering the ensemble of GDR topics. A poster session and a social dinner were organized on Thursday, December 12.

The deadline for registration was November 11, 2013.

Download the program here.

Registered participants were asked to take care of their transportation and lodging themselves except if they received different instructions from the Organizers. Here are lists of hotels near the railway station (convenient to get to the CNRS campus by bus) and in the city center. Note that the city center is 15 min walk from the railway station and another 25 min from the workshop place (CNRS campus). Bus 34 brings you to the CNRS campus from both the city center and the railway station (direction "Polygone scientifique - Chateau de Sassenage", step off at the station "Place de la Resistance").

List of speakers :

- Alexandre Aubry (Paris)
Recurrent scattering and memory effect at the Anderson transition

- Denis Basko (Grenoble)
Disordered Josephson junction chains : Anderson localization of normal modes and impedance fluctuations

- Matthieu Bellec (Nice)
Edge states in strained honeycomb lattices : a microwave experiment

- Yann Capdeville (Nantes)
Non periodic homogenization for elastic wave forward and inverse problems in seismology

- David Carpentier (Lyon)
Topological insulators

- Iacopo Carusotto (Trento)
Exotic wave propagation phenomena in optical microdevices : from Dirac cones to Hofstadter butterflies

- Nicolas Cherroret (Paris)
How interactions challenge the Anderson transition in 3D disordered atomic systems

- Matthieu Davy (Rennes)
Densities of states and intensity profiles of transmission eigenchannels inside opaque media

- Julien de Rosny (Paris)
Green’s function retrieval and passive imaging from correlations of wideband thermal radiations

- Marcel Filoche (Paris)
The localization network in a disordered or random potential

- Josselin Garnier (Paris)
Role of scattering in correlation-based imaging

- Sylvain Gigan (Paris)
Light control in complex media : focusing and imaging

- Vincent Josse (Palaiseau)
Ultracold atoms in disorder : 3D Anderson localizazon and coherent backscattering

- Geoffroy Lerosey (Paris)
Focusing, imaging and manipulating waves at the deep subwavelength scale
in locally resonant metamaterials

- George Papanicolaou (Stanford)
Correlation based imaging and applications

- Francesco Riboli (Florence)
Engineered confinement in strongly scattering 2D photonic media

- Alberto Rodriguez (Freiburg)
Exploiting multifractal fluctuations to characterize the Anderson transition

- Patrick Sebbah (Paris)
Random laser control

- Igor Sokolov (Saint-Petersburg)
Light in dense atomic gases

- Laurent Stehly (Nice & Grenoble)
Distribution of noise sources contributing to noise correlations

- Kevin Vynck (Bordeaux)
Polarization and spatial coherence of electromagnetic waves in disordered media

- Kees Wapenaar (Delft)
Seismic interferometry and beyond

- Frédéric Wintzenrieth (Paris)
Light and sound in bubble polycrystals

Workshop program - 774.3 ko

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