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Young Investigator positions at The Institute of Physics of College de France

Two young investigator positions are open at the Physics Institute of College de France (IPCdF). We are aiming at high-level experienced scientists (2 to 10 years after the PhD) for starting independent experimental or theoretical work. The laureates will be offered a standard junior position salary (at the level of an advanced postdoc salary of the European projects). Young scientists already having a permanent position (e.g., within CNRS) are also encouraged to apply if they can keep their own salary while being on leave from the institution that currently employs them. The position duration is four years, with a possible renewal for a second four-year period, after review and depending on the employment situation of the candidate. In addition, the laureates will get financial support for one post-doc (two year grant), two PhD (3 year grants). He or she will also get the corresponding working place and a starting grant of up to 300 kEur for an experimental project.

Laureates will benefit from the administrative and technical support of the newly created IPCdF starting its activity in the fall of 2013. IPCdF will also host the research teams of Collège de France professors Serge Haroche, Jean Dalibard and Antoine Georges. Laureates are expected to start their activity between April and December 2014.

Applications are encouraged in all fields of physics except those for which the proposed environment at Collège de France is not well adapted. Applications at the interface of physics and biology, materials science or chemistry are encouraged. Young investigators in these fields may benefit from contacts with the chemistry and biology labs at Collège de France.

For more information and application check the web site of the College de France.

Application deadline : October 31, 2013

Voir en ligne : Call for candidates

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