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Summer school "Waves and disorder" - Ecole thématique du CNRS

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The program is available here.

GDR MésoImage, the European Laboratory for Nonlinear Spectroscopy (Italy) and the University of Fribourg (Switzerland) organize a summer school "Waves and disorder". The school will take place at The Institute of Scientific Studies of Cargese (Corsica, France) from June 30 to July 12, 2014.
The school will be focused on fundamental and applied aspects of wave propagation in disordered media. Its main distinctive feature will be the common view on the problems concerning different types of waves : light, sound, elastic and matter waves. The subject of wave propagation in disordered media is strongly interdisciplinary because in the presence of disorder all waves behave in a similar way. Widely known examples of this universality in behavior are diffusive propagation (Ohm’s law for conductors), universal conductance fluctuations (observed for electrons, light, and microwaves), Anderson localization (studied with electronic, optical, micro- and matter waves). The school will introduce in detail the theoretical concepts developed for the description of random wave propagation and then will illustrate their application in a variety of modern research domains spanning from laser physics and acoustics to biomedical optics.
The community of physicists and engineers working in this field has realized the advantage of analyzing these problems in an interdisciplinary context and previous summer schools and conferences on this topic have demonstrated the success of such an approach.

Download the school poster.

Main topics
- Waves
- Disorder
- Multiple scattering
- Wave diffusion
- Mesoscopic physics
- Anderson localization
- Random laser
- Photonic bandgaps
- Biomimetic optical materials
- Optical probes of complex materials
- Imaging

- Sergey Skipetrov (Grenoble)
- Frank Scheffold (Fribourg)
- Diederik Wiersma (Florence)

Scientific board
- Remi Carminati (Paris)
- Dominique Delande (Paris)
- Jorge Ripoll (Madrid)
- Frank Scheffold (Fribourg)
- Sergey Skipetrov (Grenoble)
- Arnaud Tourin (Paris)
- Diederik Wiersma (Florence)

The access to electronic versions of presentations below is password protected.

- Denis Basko (Grenoble) - Effect of nonlinearity on Anderson localization of classical waves
- Hui Cao (Yale) - Random lasers : Physics and applications
- Remi Carminati (Paris) - Near-field speckles
- Dominique Delande (Paris) - Kicked rotor and Anderson localization
with cold atoms

- Turgut Durduran (Barcelona) - Biomedical imaging with diffuse light
- Marian Florescu (Surrey) - Hyperuniform disordered photonic solids
- Vincent Josse (Palaiseau) - Anderson localization with ultracold atoms
- Thomas Mason (Los Angeles) - Optical microrheology
- Allard Mosk (Twente) - Focusing and imaging through scattering media
- Robin Kaiser (Nice) - Multiple scattering of light by cold atoms
- John Page (Winnipeg) - Probing the Anderson transition with elastic waves
- Juan Jose Saenz (Madrid) - Random matrix and related approaches to multiple scattering
- Frank Scheffold (Fribourg) - Correlated disorder in photonic materials
- Bart van Tiggelen (Grenoble) - Anderson localization
- Arnaud Tourin (Paris) - Ultrasound in random media
- Silvia Vignolini (Cambridge) - Photonic structures in nature
- Diederik Wiersma (Florence) - Strange kinetics of light

Special after-dinner lecture
"How to create 4 start-up companies from basic physics concepts ?"
by Mathias Fink

Invited talks
- Christof Aegerter (Zurich) - Probing Anderson localization of light via weak non-linear effects
- Andrey Chabanov (San Antonio) - The single-channel regime of transport through random media
- Julien de Rosny (Paris) - Green’s function retrieval and fluctuations of cross-density of states in multiple-scattering media
- Mathias Fink (Paris) - From water waves to electromagnetic wave control
- Regine Frank (Tubingen) - Strong localization of light in complex random 3D finite-sized media
- Luis Froufe-Perez (Fribourg) - Light emission statistics in correlated random photonic nanostructures
- Hans Kroha (Bonn) - Anderson localization of BECs in the disordered Bose-Hubbard model : Mott lobes, superfluidity and Bose glass
- Marco Leonetti (Rome) - Observation of Anderson localization of light in nonlinear nonlocal media
- Christian Miniatura (Nice & Singapore) - Momentum signatures of Anderson localization
- Otto Muskens (Southampton)
- Stefan Rotter (Vienna) - An invariance property of wave scattering through disordered media
- Ricardo Sapienza (London) - Light emission in random media, from single molecules to natural silk random lasing
- Constanza Toninelli (Florence) - Single-molecule study for a graphene-based nano-position sensor
- Alexey Yamilov (Missouri) - Wave localization in open random media as position-dependent diffusion : Analytical, numerical and experimental results
- Giannis Zacharakis (Heraklion) - Novel photonic methods for in vivo molecular imaging

Contributed talks
- Nicolas Bachelard (Paris) - Active control of random lasers
- Alexandra Bakman (Haifa) - Effects of interactions on the dynamics of driven cold atoms
- Martin Boguslawski (Münster) - Light in complex and defect-provided photonic structures
- Pablo Damasceno (Michigan) - What the bees know and what they do not know
- Marc Dubois (Paris) - Time driven subwavelength focusing with negative refraction
- André Espinha (Madrid) - Reprogrammable two-dimensional surface patterns using multifunctional polymers
- Benoît Gérardin (Paris) - Full transmission and reflection of waves propagating through a maze of disorder
- Gautier Lefebvre (Paris) - Localization of flexural waves in plates structured with blind-holes
- Manuel Marqués (Madrid) - Effect of long range spatial correlations on the lifetime statistics -of an emitter in a two-dimensional disordered lattice
- Nicolas Muller (Fribourg) - Fabrication and characterization of titanium dioxide photonic crystals with a nearly complete band gap
- Michael Pasek (Singapore) - Network models of photonic Floquet topological insulators
- Marcin Płodzień (Krakow) - Matter-wave analogue of an optical random laser
- Jérémie Richard (Palaiseau) - Ultracold atoms in disorder. Coherent backscattering : suppression and revival
- Fabrizio Sgrignuoli (Florence) - Coupling between disordered photonic structure and DBT molecules : Possible chain of hybrid modes
- Sergei Sokolov (Twente) - Local resonance control of high-Q coupled cavities
- Anne Tanguy (Lyon) - Disorder and acoustic properties : Vibrations as predictors for plastic damage in glasses
- Luca Tanzi (Florence) - One-dimensional disordered bosons from weak to strong interactions
- Kevin Vynck (Bordeaux) - Coherence properties of polarized light in disordered media
- Sepideh Zakeri (Florence) - Localization in one-dimensional structures with power-law correlated disorder

General information
The participants are expected to arrive on Monday, June 30 and to leave on Saturday, July 12, 2014. We will arrange two free buses to ensure the transfer from Ajaccio airport to Cargese on June 30 :

- The first bus will leave the airport for Cargese after the arrival of the Air France flight scheduled to land on June 30 at 14:30 from Paris. People arriving before this time (including those who arrive to Ajaccio a day earlier) are expected to take this bus.

- The second bus will leave the airport for Cargese after the arrival of the flight scheduled to land on June 30 at 19:55 from Bordeaux. People arriving after 14:30 are expected to take this bus.

The buses will wait at the bus parking of the airport and will have a sign with the name of the School.

If you arrive by plane on June 30 after 19:55, we will contact you personally to organize your transportation to Cargese.

If you plan to arrive to Cargese by your own means (private car, etc.) on June 30, please come to the Institute at the arrival time of the first bus (15:30) if you want to be guided to your lodging.

If you arrive after June 30, we will try to do our best to help you with the transportation to Cargese (depending on your arrival time and other participants arriving on the same day) but cannot promise free transfer. Please contact us to order a taxi at a reduced rate or consult the public bus schedule (from Ajaccio bus station to Cargese).

The scientific program of the School will start on Tuesday, July 1 in the morning and will last until Friday, July 11 in the evening, see the program. The Sunday, July 6 will be a free day.

Registration fee
The accepted participants are asked to pay an inscription fee of 780 Eur before May 30, 2014. This covers lodging and lunches for the whole duration of the School (except the lunch on Sunday when the Institute will be closed), the access to all lectures of the School and the facilities of the Institute, and the transfer from and to the airport on June 30 and July 12, respectively.

Thanks to the support from the French CNRS that attributed us its “Thematic school” label we are able to waive the inscription fee for CNRS employees. This concerns not only permanent CNRS researchers but postdocs and PhD students funded by CNRS as well.

We were able to lower the fee well below the real cost per participant thanks to the generous support of our sponsors (listed at the bottom of the page). We thus expect all the participants (except CNRS employees) to pay the inscription fee in full.

To apply for participation in the School, please send an e-mail with the subject line Application for the summer school "Waves and disorder" to Your e-mail should contain the following information :
- Your first and last names
- Your current position (PhD student, postdoc, etc.) and employer (CNRS, university, etc.)
- The name and address of your institution
- The title and the list of co-authors of the oral or poster presentation that you would like to present
- A short description of your current research work and your motivation for participating in the School
- Possibly a letter of recommendation from a senior colleague (the supervisor for PhD students).

The deadline for applications is March 15, 2014 April 15, 2014.

A parallel event
2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil. See match schedule here.

The School is sponsored by

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