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Postdoctoral position in experimental optics

The Langevin Institute seeks applicants to fill a 12-month Postdoctoral position in experimental optics and nano-photonics to start immediately. The candidate will work on experimental optics in disordered media in 2 directions :

- Transverse scattering and localization of light in a liquid-crystal optical valve. In this experiment he will investigate the mechanisms involved at the transition and the role of a Kerr nonlinearity in the regime of light multiple scattering.

- Active control of random laser emission. Theoretical investigations and first experiments have shown that control over the emission of a random laser can be regained by optimizing the spatial profile of the optical pump. Using an SLM-modulated picosecond pump laser, the candidate will develop an original method to control emission wavelength, directivity, pulse duration, etc ... of an optofluidic random laser.

Preferred qualifications : experimental optics and nano-photonics, laser physics, advanced simulation tools, if possible theory of random media.

Keywords : liquid crystal optical valve, random laser, active random media, nonlinear random media, nonlinear scattering, optofluidic.

Contact :
Patrick Sebbah
Institut Langevin, ESPCI, CNRS UMR7587, 1 rue Jussieu, 75238 PARIS Cedex 05
Tel. : +33 (0)1 80 96 30 42
E-mail :

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