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Mesoscopic physics and quantum gases. Mini-colloquim at JMC 2014

Very recent experimental advances in trapping and imaging ultracold gases in the quantum degenerate regime allow to realize configurations typical of mesoscopic physics devices. Ring traps, quasi-one-dimensional wires, two- and multi-reservoir configurations allow to study mesoscopic transport, thermal and particle currents, and more generally out-of-equilibrium dynamics with ultracold atoms. It is also possible to study the effect of a tunable amount of engineered disorder, as well as to realize synthetic magnetic fields. With ultracold gases novel observables are accessible, including in situ profiles, interference images and momentum distributions, as well as higher order correlation functions (dynamic structure factor, noise, ...).

The goal of this mini-colloquium is to put together experts working in mesoscopic physics and in quantum gases to explore this emerging area of research, with contributed talks coming from both fields. The meeting will not only update on the recent experimental and theoretical advances but is also expected to stimulate an exchange of concepts and methods among the two communities.

The deadline for paper submission : April 1, 2014.

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