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Workshop on "Non-Hermitean Random Matrices : 50 Years After Ginibre"

The purpose of this workshop, devoted to the 50th anniversary of Ginibre’s influential paper on the Statistical Ensembles of Complex, Quaternion, and Real Matrices [J. Math. Phys. 6, 440 (1965)], is to convene leading researchers from both the mathematics- and physics-oriented parts of the multifaceted random-matrix-theory community to discuss the latest developments in non-Hermitean random matrix theory and closely related fields.

The workshop topics include (but are not restricted to)
- Mathematical aspects of Ginibre’s ensembles (spectral fluctuations and universality, Brownian motion, beta-ensembles, integrability)
- Non-Hermitean matrix models beyond Ginibre’s class and random analytic functions (truncated matrices, matrix products, Euclidean random matrices, random polynomials)
- Non-Hermitean matrix models in high-energy, condensed matter and statistical physics

Please consult the workshop website for further information.

The workshop is co-sponsored by The Israel Science Foundation, The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, H.I.T. - Holon Institute of Technology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and The International Association of Mathematical Physics.

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