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International Summer School "Imaging, Focusing and Sensing in Wave Physics"

The School will be organized from May 25 to May 29, 2015 in the Cargese Institute for Scientific Studies.

Amongst numerous communities and fields of research related to wave physics, scientists share the same goal of exploring and understanding what surrounds them, from the very small scale of the atom to the infinite one of the universe. Throughout these disciplines, although different types of waves, spatial scales or propagation media require specific instruments and methods, some key concepts are clearly of common interests. For instance, the physics of wave propagation in complex, scattering and structured media is at the heart of various research fields such as metamaterials and crystals, Anderson localization in fundamental physics, or bio-imaging in applied physics. Similarly, arrays of sensors are being more and more used in domains ranging from ultrasound imaging or optics, to those of seismology or radio-astronomy. Furthermore, all these research fields are clearly working towards very similar goals related to the control of wave propagation, through the concept of time reversal or wave-front shaping, or to their signal processing counterparts, namely, the notions of cross-correlation imaging or compressive sensing.

Deadline for applications is March 15, 2015. Please go to the web page of the School to apply for participation.

Main topics will include :
- waves in complex media
- wave front shaping
- metamaterials
- photonic and phononic crystals
- cross-correlation imaging
- compressed sensing
- nanophotonics

Registration fees (lunch and lodging included) :
- 500€ for undergraduate and PhD students
- 750€ otherwise

Speakers :
- Pr. Guy Bartal – Technion – Israël
- Pr. Pavel Belov – ITMO University – Russia
- Pr. Michel Campillo – Université Grenoble I - France
- Pr. Hui Cao – Yale University – USA
- Pr. Stéphane Catheline – LabTAU, INSERM – France
- Pr. Laurent Daudet – Institut Langevin – France
- Pr. Yonina Eldar – Technion – Israël
- Pr. Shanhui Fan – Stanford University – USA
- Pr. Mathias Fink – Institut Langevin – France
- Pr. Florent Krzakala – Ecole Normale Supérieure – France
- Pr. Ad Lagendijk – University of Amsterdam – The Netherlands
- Pr. Philippe Lalanne – LP2N, CNRS – France
- Pr. John Page – University of Manitoba – Canada
- Pr. Yongkeun Park – KAIST– Korea
- Pr. Philippe Roux – ISTerre, CNRS – France
- Pr. Morchedaï Segev – Technion – Israël
- Pr. Marin Soljacic – MIT – USA
- Pr. Ping Sheng – Hong Kong University – China
- Pr. Mickaël Tanter – Institut Langevin – France
- Pr. Steven Tingay – Curtin University – Australia
- Pr. Diederik Wiersma – LENS – Italy
- Pr. Xiang Zhang – Berkeley University – USA

School director :
- Pr. Mathias Fink

Scientific committee :
- Pr. Ad Lagendijk (Netherlands)
- Pr. John Page (Canada)
- Pr. John Pendry (UK)
- Pr. Ping Sheng (China)

Organizing committee :
- J. de Rosny
- G. Lerosey
- A. Aubry

Contact :
Cargese summer school - 2015
Institut Langevin
1 rue Jussieu, 75005 Paris - France

The School id supported by
- GDR MésoImage
- GDR Ondes
- Labex WIFI
- Collectivité Territoriale de Corse

Voir en ligne : Web page of the School

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