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Workshop "Waves and imaging in random media"

The workshop organized by the GDR MesoImage will take place on November 9-10, 2015 and will be hosted by Henri Poincare Institute in Paris. It is intended to provide a framework for presentation and discussion of new results obtained in the field of wave scattering and imaging in the presence of disorder in recent years. Topics to be covered will range from topological phenomena and quantum-optical effects in the presence of disorder, through Anderson localization and random lasing, to seismic wave propagation and imaging. In addition to speakers invited by the Organizers, a number of talks proposed by scientists applying for participation will be selected for oral presentation.

Final program

Download the program here.

Speakers and talk titles

- Alexandre Aubry (Paris) - Random matrix approach to imaging
- Hilton Barbosa De Aguiar (Marseille) - Re-polarization via wavefront shaping
- Rémi Carminati (Paris) - Imaging sources in random media
- Matthieu Davy (Rennes) - Getting beneath the surface : universal structure of transmission eigenchannels inside scattering media
- Hugo Defienne (Paris) - Quantum walks of photons in disordered media
- Luis Froufe-Pérez (Fribourg) - Photonic band gaps in disordered materials : Stealthy hyperuniformity versus local ordering
- David Garcia (Barcelona) - Quantum optics in Anderson-localized systems
- Arthur Goetschy (Paris) - Coherent control of absorption in disordered systems
- Villads Johansen (Cambridge) - No beauty without disorder
- Anton Kutsenko (Nancy) -Wave propagation through uniform media with defects and sources
- Simon Labouesse (Marseille) - A theoretical analysis of the super-resolution capacity of synthetic imaging using random illuminations
- Marco Leonetti (Rome) - Adaptive and nonlinear optics in the transverse localization regime
- Luca Leuzzi (Rome) - Statistical mechanics of random lasers
- Fabrice Mortessagne (Nice) - Topological effects in lattices of microwave resonators
- Michael Pasek (Paris) - Mobility edge of cold atoms in laser speckle potentials
- Douglas Photiadis (Washington) - Supersymmetric, vector field theory of disordered, elastic media
- Francesco Riboli (Trento) - Frequency correlation spectroscopy of the local density of states in strongly scattering disordered media
- Philippe Roux (Grenoble) - Metamaterial and seismo-acoustic cloaking : how to manipulate seismic waves ?
- Krzysztof Sacha (Krakow) - Anderson localization and Mott insulator phase in the time domain
- Juan Jose Saenz (San Sebastian) - Isotropically polarized speckle patterns
- Eric Savin (Paris) - Wave transport in anisotropic elastic media
- Frank Scheffold (Fribourg) - Controlling dispersion forces between small particles with artificially created random light fields
- Lukas Schertel (Konstanz) - Can 3D light localization be reached in “white paint” ?
- Igor Sokolov (St. Petersburg) - Magnetic-field-driven Anderson localization of light
- Alexander Szameit (Jena) - Topological Anderson insulator for light
- Alexey Yamilov (Missouri) - Control of mesoscopic transport by modifying transmission channels in scattering media


To apply for participation in the workshop, please send an e-mail with "IHP workshop application" in the subject line to The body of the message should contain your full name and affiliation, address, and eventually a link to your CV or web page. Please also include a title and a short abstract of your talk or poster if you want to present one. Limited funds are available to support participation of young scientists who are especially encouraged to apply. The deadline for applications is extended until October 10, 2015 but we encourage you to apply as early as possible since the number of participants is limited by the size of the amphitheater and priority will be given to early applications.

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