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Postdoctoral positions at King’s College (London)

Complex Nanophotonics Research Group at King’s College (London) study light generation and interaction within nanoscale complex photonic systems, a combination of nano-optics, quantum optics and laser science. Two postdoctoral positions are currently available :

1. Biocompatible random lasing - 2 year Postdoctoral Research Position (Deadline for applications 13th October 2015). You will fabricate new disordered biomaterials (biopolymers and proteins such as natural silk) and observe lasing from them, to form the basis of new-generation bio-sensors. For more information go to :

2. Hyperuniform photonic networks - 3 year Postdoctoral Research Position. You will study how single emitters can be controlled and boosted in nanophotonic and hyperuniform networks, combining network theory with nanophotonics, with a view to quantum optics at the nanoscale. This is collaborative project with Dr. Marian Florescu (University of Surrey, UK) [see also].

Please contact Dr. Riccardo Sapienza for more information.

Voir en ligne : Web page of Complex Nanophotonics Research Group

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