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10th International Workshop on Disordered Systems (IWDS10)

The workshop will take place in Brescia (Italy) from June 27 to July 1, 2016. It will gather people with different skills and from different communities, theoreticians and experimentalists, having disordered systems as a common research field.

This meeting has been held with great success every two years starting from 1998 (Arica, Chile) and the last two times in Benasque, Spain and San Antonio, Texas.

This year the workshop will be centered on the following topics :
- Quantum transport in nanosystems and application to biological systems
- Quantum dynamics in many body systems
- Non Hermitian Physics and open quantum system
- Transport and localization in disordered system

See the web site of the workshop for more information.

Voir en ligne : Web site of the workshop

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