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Postdoc position in seismology in Grenoble

A position is available in the group "Waves and Structures" of Laboratoire de Géophysique Interne and Tectonophysique (Université Joseph Fourier and CNRS). The position is part of the project Whisper (see below), funded by the European Research Council Advanced Grant program. The main objective is to develop seismological methods to use the ambient seismic noise for monitoring slight temporal changes of elastic properties of the Earth crust. This includes theoretical developments, investigations of the properties of noise sources, processing of large data sets and laboratory measurements...

The present offer concerns preferentially the study of noise origin and the effect of intensity distribution on the correlation functions, but other aspects in the scope of the Whisper project can be considered. The position will be
offered for two years with possibility of extension.

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Whisper : Towards continuous monitoring of the continuously changing Earth. This project is focused on the use of the seismic ambient noise to monitor slight changes of properties in the solid Earth. Processing of noise records allows mimicking a situation in which a repeatable source is activated at the location of a passive recorder. The implication is the detection of changes of strain at depth with applications in different contexts. A major field of application is the monitoring of potentially dangerous structures like volcanoes or active fault zones prone to damaging earthquakes. The project includes new methodological developments and field experiments at various scales. Applications in regions where changes are induced by human activity are important both for the quantitative refinement of the method and for the important economic and social implications of these problems.

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