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Workshop "Mesoscopic Physics of Waves for Imaging in Complex Media"

The first workshop of the GDR MésoImage took place at the Henri Poincaré Institute in Paris, from 29 to 30 October 2009. The focus of the workshop was on fundamental and applied aspects of wave propagation in complex media, including disordered and nonlinear media. It was an opportunity for GDR members and for a certain number of their foreign colleagues to present and to discuss their latest scientific results. We hope that this workshop helped to maintain existing and to initiate new collaborations between GDR members as well as between GDR members and their foreign colleagues.

Speakers and talks in PDF (in alphabetical order) :

- Christof Aegerter (Zurich) - Imaging through turbid layers
- Jacopo Bertolotti (Florence) - Light superdiffusion in Lévy glasses
- Andrey Chabanov (San Antonio) - Statistics of fluctuations and correlations of localized waves
- Nicolas Cherroret (Freiburg and Grenoble) - Dynamic conductance fluctuations
- Sanli Faez (Amsterdam) - Tuning speckle for measuring transport and effective medium properties
- Sylvain Gigan (Paris) - Controlling light in scattering media : focusing light and beyond
- Thomas Gisler (Konstanz) - Probing human brain function with (time-resolved) diffusing-wave spectroscopy
- Benoît Grémaud (Paris et Singapour) - Speckle instabilities in nonlinear media
- Xiaoping Jia (Marne la Vallée) - Anomalous behaviour of diffusively scattered sound waves in weakly stressed granular media
- Vincent Josse (Paris) - Anderson localization with ultra cold atoms
- Alain Joye (Grenoble) - Localization of unitary Anderson models and applications
- Ulrich Kuhl (Marburg) - Freak waves in the linear regime : A microwave study
- Patricio Leboeuf (Paris) - Transport properties of matter waves
- Ludovic Margerin (Aix-en-Provence) - Phase statistics of seismic coda waves
- Fabrice Mortessagne (Nice) - Quantum chaos and multiple scattering in microwave cavities
- Allard Mosk (Twente) - Opaque lenses : Using disorder to bring laser light to a focus
- Guust Nolet (Nice) - Global seismic tomography in transition
- Stephania Residori (Nice) - Nonlinear interactions and slow light in optical valves
- Gregory Samelsohn (Holon) - Diffuse time tomography of random structures : Can one hear the shape of disorder
- Patrick Sebbah (Nice) - Disorder, gain and nonlinearity : from mirrorless lasers to speckle instabilities
- Nikolai Shapiro (Paris) - Imaging of the Earth with ambient seismic noise
- Dima Shepelyansky (Toulouse) - Spreading and thermalization in disordered nonlinear chains
- Arnaud Tourin (Paris) - Focusing in complex media : time reversal, inverse filter, and wavefront control

Final program

The program of the workshop can be downloaded here.

Program of the workshop - 56.9 ko

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